Form PT
Temporary Permit

(Rule 174 (v) of Vehicles Rules, 1989)


1. Name of the Holder
2. Father's Name
3. Place of residence and business
with full postal address
4. Type of vehicles
5.(i) Registration Mark
(ii). Seating capacity
(iii). Gross vehicle weight
(iv) Permit laden weight
6. Routes or area.
7. Purpose of journey or journeys
8. Nature of goods, if to be carried
9. This permit shall be subject to all
rules relating to the permits made
under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988
and in force for the time being.
10. Valid from ......................  
11. Under the provisions of sub-section 7 (4)
of Section 88 of the Act and with the particular
/ general consent of the Transport Authority
concerned, this permit is valid also for the
following routes:
12. This vehicle is permitted to be used only as
contract carriage in accordance with the
terms of the contract, the copy of which duly
attested is enclosed.
Regional Transport Authority