“FORM Pb. T.P.’


(Rule 65 of the Punjab Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989)


Government of Punjab


Permit in respect of tourist vehicle


No. Pb. T.P.______________            State Transport Authority________________

1.                  Name of Permit holder ____________________________________

2.                  Father’s Name  _________________________________________

(In case of an individual)


3.                  Address ____________________________________________

4.                  Name of States/ Union Territories _______________________________

for which permit is valid


5.                  (a) Registration Mark _________________Make _____________________

(b) the vehicle is held under a Hire Purchase/

     Lease agreement/ Hypothecation agreement with __________________


6.                  Valid from _______________to _________________

7.                  The record to be maintained and the dates on which returns are to be sent to the State Transport Authority, Once in every three months ____________________________________

8.                  Maximum number of tourists which may be carried out at only one time _________________

9.                  Conditions attached to the permit as specified under rule 85 of Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989 and section 84 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.

10.              The holder of this permit shall exercise such supervision over the work of his employees as ;is necessary to ensure that the vehicle is operated in conformity with the Act and the rules made thereunder and with due regard to the comfort, convenience and safety for the public.


State Transport Authority,



Renewed upto ____________subject to _________________

Also valid in _______________________________________

Dated _____________________


State Transport Authority”.