1. In the said rules, after "FORM P.TEM"., the following Forms shall be inserted , namely:-


(Rule 65 of the Punjab Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989)

Government of Punjab

Permit in Respect of Particular Reserve

Stage Carriage.

No. R.St. C.P.

Regional Transport Authority_____________________________________

  1. Name of the Permit holder ________________________________
  2. Fatherís Name _________________________________________
  3. Address _______________________________________________
  4. (a) Registration Mark of the Vehicle _________________________
  5. (b) The vehicle is held under Hire

    Purchase agreement with ________________________________

  6. Maximum number of passenger which
  7. may be carried at any one time _______________________________

  8. A. conductor shall be carried on the vehicle when it is in use as a stage carriage in the event of break down by the existing stage carriage covered with permit ________________________
  9. Route / Areas for which permit is valid. __________________________
  10. Date of expiry _______________________________
  11. Rate of fare, if fixed under section 67 of the Act _______________________
  12. Particulars of time table to be observed, if any _______________________
  13. Reserve vehicle shall be used against the operation of a break down vehicle only. Otherwise it shall be kept reserve and parked at the premises of permit holder ____________________________
  14. The vehicle above described may be used by the holder of permit as contract carriage within the areas specified subject to the conditions, after obtaining a special permit under section 88(8) of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 _______________________Strike out which is not applicable.

Regional Transport Authority.